20 March 2020

VolkerLaser A3 Piling Works

The Eave system protects operatives from hazardous noise

Our clients at VolkerLaser trialed the Eave system which allowed operatives on site to work safely in noisy environments. They used our advanced ear defenders and software platform to provide accurate and real time noise data for managers. 

Piling works are taking place on the side of the A3 Guildford University Interchange, where there are consistent levels of noise from the road and intermittently, extremely loud levels of noise from the pilings works taking place. 

Noise on the VolkerLaser project was assessed as a significant risk to operatives and the Eave system provided an opportunity to effectively protect the hearing of their workforce. 

Operatives working on the piling works used Eave’s new FocusLite ear defenders which allow the wearer to hear normal conversation whilst omitting harmful and ambient noise. The ear defenders utilise multiple microphones built both internally and externally, to gauge the levels of noise being produced where works are taking place.

“I am really pleased we are ‘raising the bar’ in terms of protecting against potential hearing loss. The Eave system provided us with an opportunity to effectively protect the hearing of our workforce. Their software platform, Peak, allowed me to know exactly where harmful noise levels were coming from and whether or not hearing protection was being worn correctly.”

Phil Bruce, Senior HSEQ Manager at VolkerLaser

Read more about how Eave transformed noise on the VolkerLaser Guildford project here: