17 December 2019

Smart Tech company seeks hearing technology expertise in new board appointment

Smart Technology company, Eave, which has developed a unique hearing conservation system for use in noisy workplaces such as the construction industry, has appointed a new board member from the world of hearing technology.

Paul Surridge, currently Chairman of BIHIMA (the British and Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association), has been brought in as a non-executive director to help deliver greater brand awareness of their innovative product which seeks to address the problem of noise; the leading cause of hearing loss.

Eave’s hearing protection solution has been pioneered by a former NHS audiologist, Dr David Greenberg, with a PhD in auditory neuroscience focussing on the impact of noise on hearing and communication. His clinical practise and research left him appalled at the state of the UK’s hearing health and its impact on relationships and safety at work. He became convinced that, as there is no cure for hearing loss or tinnitus, preventative action was crucial. His rapidly growing IoT (Internet of Things) company is the result of this conviction.

Eave’s solution uses a digital headset to gather noise data, which is then transferred to a unique noise mapping software platform. The data is displayed and analysed to produce accurate information about every worker’s noise exposure across a workplace or site. The use of smart technology to accurately measure and pinpoint noise is game-changing, meaning employers can have a targeted approach to each employee’s hearing health.

Eave headsets also use revolutionary ‘hear through’ technology, allowing wearers to continue to hear environmental sound, vastly improving the safety of workers. So-called ‘passive’ ear defenders, which do not allow any sound through to the ear, are dangerous as they can lead to accidents when workers fail to hear warning alarms or instructions. Research shows that they are also not effective as hearing protection as workers regularly remove them in order to hear, exposing themselves to dangerous noise levels.

The new non-exec director, Paul Surridge, shares Dr Greenberg’s commitment to improving the nation’s hearing health, and has significant experience promoting the hearing loss awareness agenda with government, academia, charities and public bodies.

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with David on revolutionary products, using cutting edge Internet of Things technology which, I truly believe, could stop this epidemic in our country of noise induced hearing loss. It is a privilege to be part of such an important mission,” said Paul Surridge.

“We are delighted to welcome Paul to the board. He recognises that we are at the forefront of a movement which will transform how people hear at work and will change the trajectory of thousands of lives that might otherwise be devastated by occupational hearing loss,” said Dr David Greenberg, Eave CEO and founder.