25 October 2019

IoT company invests in sales expertise

Smart Technology company, Eave, which has developed a unique hearing conservation system using noise mapping technology and digital headsets, has appointed a new Sales Director with a technology background, with the aim of driving engagement with its cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) innovation.

The new director, Michael Gowen, has been brought in to accelerate the growth of the company, focusing on Eave’s customer-facing division. He has the bold task of communicating the benefits of a technological solution to a health and safety issue – protecting the hearing of workers in noisy environments – a problem which, historically, has only ever been physically addressed.  

Eave chiefly operates in the construction sector, but rather than appoint someone from within the industry, the board have purposefully invested in a sales director from outside who has the technological expertise to spearhead the movement towards digitisation.

He brings significant experience in the tech market, working for a variety of large corporate and SME businesses including Babble, The Arden Group and Dimension Data, giving him the skills to address Eave’s business goals whilst ensuring the company stays true to its mission to prevent the loneliness and isolation caused by hearing loss.

Eave’s technology is specifically designed with this wider mission at its heart: to prevent occupational hearing loss which is the most common workplace disease. Its solution incorporates a digital headset to gather noise data, which is then transferred to a unique noise mapping software platform, called Peak.

The data is displayed and analysed to produce accurate information about every worker’s noise exposure across a workplace or site. The use of smart technology to accurately measure and pinpoint noise is game-changing, marking an end to manual noise-level checking.

Eave headsets also use revolutionary ‘hear through’ technology, allowing wearers to still hear environmental sound, improving safety, efficiency and productivity. The data harvested shows real behaviour change, as the worker downtime caused by removing headsets, switching off machinery or moving to quiet zones is eliminated.

“I am excited to be joining Eave at such a crucial time, just as companies are waking up to the need for a digital revolution in protecting their workers’ hearing. There is huge opportunity for growth as more and more employers realise that IoT technology and digitisation are the future,” said Michael Gowen, Eave’s new Sales Director.

“We are delighted to welcome Michael as a director. He recognises that we are at the forefront of a movement which will transform how people hear at work and will change the trajectory of thousands of lives that might otherwise be devastated by occupational hearing loss,” said Dr David Greenberg, Eave CEO and founder.

About Eave

Eave is a smart technology company created to help with the prevention of avoidable deafness through the monitoring of, and protection against, damaging noise levels. Founded by clinical and research audiologist, Dr. David Greenberg, Eave ’s mission is to prevent occupational hearing loss, while raising awareness of the isolating and often debilitating impact of deafness.